Sermon for June 16th 2019

Trinity Sunday

I didn’t formally title this week’s sermon, but I would probably have gone with something “clever” like, The Trinity, a sermon in three parts.

One Reply to “Sermon for June 16th 2019”

  1. Augustine! Tough stuff. I have tried to wrap my puny brain around St. Anselm and his ontological arguments for the existence of God…”that than which nothing greater can be conceived .” And, apply this to the Trinity. My conclusion that my heart is desirous to know the fullness of the Trinity but my mind is feeble. Then I remember God resides in my heart(soul) not my mind which by its nature is selfish and weak. I am therefore comfortable with my lack of full understanding for I feel the truth with out the theorems proven. Great sermon! And you ARE Awesome at your job and in the pulpit!

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